Artists Statement:
My current work reflects the complex, codependent, and often abusive, relationship between humans and the natural world.
Generally, my work I hope to reveal the subtle magic and tragedy of nature by focusing on minimalist forms in flora and fauna drawing on their innate ghostliness with monochromatic and limited pallets. 
I find inspiration in a broad range of disciplines from photography to literature. But most of all, my everyday life, living in the seaside woodlands of New England. Witnessing the haunting complexity of character in the natural world.

Darcy Scanlon Moulton is an emerging artist, working and living in Ipswich, Massachusetts. She was educated at Montserrat College of Art, Randolph Macon Women’s College, and the Harvard Extension School. She is working in a variety of mediums including charcoal, ink, and acrylics. Her work is most often single subject realism and expressionistic landscapes in monochromatic and limited pallets.

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